Daniel Cohen-Arcamone - Ask Me Anything

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Daniel specializes in scaling early stage companies and helping them tackle the thorniest operational challenges that come with hyper-growth.

Here's how he does it and what keeps him going:

Daniel, can you tell me more about what you do as a consultant?

I work primarily on growth, whether it’s experimenting with new (non-marketing) growth tactics which include building out affiliate programs, launching an SDR team, using data insights to shift strategies / tactics and improving operational processes to handle growth.

What does your project scope generally include?

My project scope is a bit loosely-defined given I mostly work with early stage startups who need someone to get on the ground and kickstart the growth engine.

What made you leave your full-time job to start consulting?

There are so many reasons why I decided to go full force into my consulting business!

1. I really enjoy variety, which is why I gravitated to early stage companies for my full time career — the earlier stage the company, the more variety you get to take on.

2. I wanted to own my schedule and prioritize my life outside of work a lot more.

3. It's much easier to establish and adhere to boundaries as a consultant than as a full time employee (at startups, at least).

How does your income compare now to when you were working full-time?

I’m happy to report that my income has grown substantially thus far!

Can you share the story of how you got your first client?

Bradley Jacobs, CEO at Mylance, gets all the credit for that!

As Bradley was winding down his own freelancing to focus all his attention on Mylance, he introduced me to one of his clients, who needed help with analytics and operations. I started with a 2 month contract that blossomed into an ongoing relationship.

How do you get new clients and grow your business?

My current clients have come to me mostly via full time interviews. I'm very upfront about wanting to work part time only, and that approach is working for me.


You can get in touch with Daniel, check out his HQ here.

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